Despite the proliferation of blogs and websites, there still is no other outlet with the same amount of influence as a book. Writing a book is a massive undertaking, but there are ways to ensure that your unique ideas and concepts are able to find their way onto the printed page without monopolizing all of your time.

This program is another way to establish your expertise and help build your practice. It makes it easier than ever to hand your clients a resource that simultaneously explains financial concepts and enhances your credibility.

There are three primary ways to use the Cover-to-Cover book program to help you fill seminars, set appointments and close sales.

Customized: YOU are the author

  • Your language and your concepts
  • Your name on the cover as author
  • Your title, your cover

Introduction: YOU are a contributor

  • Your personalized introduction
  • Your name on the cover as contributor
  • Your picture and bio on the back

Off-the-Shelf: YOU are the expert

  • An excellent call-to-action
  • A great way to introduce your services
  • A little homework for your prospects

Social Media

The power to reach hundreds and even thousands of people lies at the tips of your fingers. Social media has so much potential and is clearly here to stay. But taming this wild beast and corralling tangible results can prove difficult.

Social media can give you the ability to reach your clients and prospects anywhere and at any time. This makes for a unique experience that, if crafted correctly, can lead to remarkable results. Social media can help you set appointments, promote your next seminar, or make a special announcement.

We can both craft your message and manage your social media presence all while maintaining your distinct individuality.

Public Relations

Managing the flow of information between you, your organization and the public is crucial for your brand’s enhancement and expansion. Maybe you have the right message but lack the ability to get that message out. Our industry insiders can help by utilizing their access to both national and local networks.

Ultimately, you need the RIGHT strategy so that your brand and your message hits the RIGHT audience.

If you decide to write the book or become the next radio star, we can help you take this message even further with our PR team.


In a technology-driven world, prospects respond to learning at their own pace and being EMPOWERED through self-directed education.

KonnectED Prospecting is designed to educate and engage via an online presence that is AVAILABLE 24/7.

While your prospects are busy learning, they are also taking the first step from being a prospect to becoming your client.

More PROSPECTS, educated and prepared for their first appointment, will Konnect you to greater success.

To learn how to begin, go to for more information.


Blaze a new trail with television! You can’t have a media empire without being on television. There are few financial services professionals who have the wherewithal to create, produce, and star in their own weekly television commercials, but we can help put it all within reach.

Our team of television and media professionals can help you breakthrough in a medium that will set you head and shoulders above any other advisor in your market.

This turn-key television program is unique in the industry and is simple to execute. And, of course, with lead capture web technology, the results are measurable and predictable.


Radio is a proven method of marketing, branding and enhancing credibility. However, it can be an enormous commitment of time and effort.

Now, through our “Financially Tuned” radio program, we make it easy by doing the hard work for you.

Small changes, made over time, can produce significant results. Much like a high-performance engine or an orchestra, when even a small part is not doing what it is supposed to do, everything suffers.

This radio program is designed to integrate with your entire Marketing Mix, or stand alone as a lead generation program.

“Financially Tuned” is specifically designed to generate leads and position you as THE EXPERT. It is prepared, recorded and produced on your behalf.

To take your first step toward the mic, go to for more information.

Emerging Media

Exciting announcement coming soon in January 2016!